Coke Yacht: International Waters Tour

Perched atop circular beds on decks throughout the harbor, coke yachters racked their lines, caring minimally about the loss of powder to the summer breeze, tossing their empty Perriers overboard with reckless abandon, torturing their crew with the noxious vapors emanating from their dry and vapid mouths.

Coke Yacht is spreading, and we’re going to stop it. We’re taking to the seven seas to several ports of call in dire need of intervention, and we encourage everyone with friends in these cities to spread the word to support perhaps the most important cause of our lifetimes.

On July 30, we celebrate the send off in our home-port, NYC. This will be the LAST New York Coke Yacht of the season. We’re bringing Coke yacht vigilantes Eli Escobar & Blu Jemz as this edition’s special selectors. Be WARNED, 75% of the tickets are already gone, they always sell out and we want to make sure we get to see ALL of you before we take to the sea…

From there we head to Toronto & Los Angeles to cover as much territory and spread as much awareness throughout International waters as possible.