Snakes & Ladders

RINSED – a party, a collective, an institution built by the voices of the ravers who wanted just a little bit more to their hedonistic Brooklyn adventures. Two individuals – Dan Wender and Blacky II – came together one night in Brooklyn seven years ago and decided to do their own thing on small-but-sexy scale. The whispers got louder, the party got larger and all of a sudden it’s three years later and the boys have an anniversary party to play in the back of a pizza joint in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The party was an all-live performance, seven-hour rave and they had no tracks to work with, so they gave themselves a challenge – they had a weekend to make their live show work and not fall on their faces and meet the standard that they upheld years back from the very first RINSED event.

Turns out — after an extensive weekend session with a bevy of hardware and illicit substances — the boys made it work. It resulted in an hour-long set of kaleidoscopic house and garage cuts that’s equal parts evocative, fresh and multi-sensory. The initial thoughts behind this set was to be a one-and-done event, but after much consideration, the duo couldn’t let these tracks not see the light of the day.

Enter Snakes & Ladders, a release of the live set; remastered and revamped for your audible pleasure – to be made available in conjunction with their seventh year anniversary. The set will see three versions — as a four-track EP, an eleven-track bootleg LP, and as a continuous mix which will be accompanied by a live performance of the duo’s oh-so-tantalizing live show.

Fair warning — things tend to get more slippery the higher one gets.