Under The Influencer is #Selfieaware

Last April, we embarked on an experiment to fuse an underground dance party with an original album, via a new kind of theatrical experience known as Dynamic Alpine Sexual. It was a huge fucking success, and went on to endure a sold out run at The Umbrella Factory. If you came, thank you, we love you more than you know.

The format was eye-opening for us. It captured everything that’s great about a DIY party, an unusual industrial location, captivating original music, and all of the unique moments and surprises, with the structure and execution of an immersive theatrical experience. It was like RINSED and Sleep No More had a love child, so we had to have a second one.

After more than a year of ideation, planning, writing and recording an original score, building out a unique set, script writing, revisions and rehearsals, we presented Under The Influencer, an hour-long experience exploring the rise of The Influencers, sponsored content, & the public who consume it; all Presented on a RINSED-designed 360º stage and set to the score of our debut EP “Snakes & Ladders”.

See what our friends at Greenpointers had to say about our tirade into the lives of the people that hide behind your screens!

Review: Rinsed’s Immersive Performance “Under The Influencer” is #selfieaware