7 Year Anniversary Pt. 1 : Tiga


November 16, 2017 10:00 pm - November 17, 2017 4:00 am Lebain

7 years ago, we would smoke about 7 cigarettes an hour, have about 7 drinks per night, hit about 7 clubs per week, use narcotics 7 times a month, run from the cops 7 times a year, and had about $7 in our bank accounts. A lot has changed… but not everything.

Its been an improbably wild ride. What started as a joke, evolved into a family, then a lifestyle and at this point, our church / cult/ therapist.

RINSED is turning SEVEN and we’re absolutely thrilled to invite you to not one, but two nights of celebration in our home-away-from-home across the river, in the sky at Le Bain.

Tiga is one of our favorite music makers breathing oxygen on this planet. His more than a decade long career of smash after smash has influenced our brand, and the culture of nightlife profoundly.

Rare is a night with him at all, let alone a completely free party 20 floors up in the heart of the NYC skyline. Spots are super limited, make sure you and your friends RSVP asap.