Direct Experience: New Year’s Eve

December 31, 2016 9:00 pm

In this day and age everyone is as serious as they are ignorant. Everyone is holier than thou. We’ve got news for you. BLEEP YOU. We’re having a bleepy bloopy party and that’s all it is. A little bleep, a little bloop, a flashy light, you dance, you go home. Boom, new year.

So if you’re looking for the coolest party in town, where Dasani Aquafina will make a cameo appearance and stuff a bag of Swedish Fish in his sphincter, making for the PERFECT Instagram story, boy have you got some choices, darling…

But if you’re looking for unabashed, unfiltered, “shake well – settling is natural”, fun party, the choice is clear. RINSED has got you.

Twenty bucks all night, non-shitshow-intimate-setting, open bar (for real) from 9-10, and no rules.

Hieroglyphic Being – LIVE – All Night Long

In an “immersive” (don’t you hate that word?) world created by RINSED and our confidants.

Few artists excel at extra long sets that maintain excitement. Fewer still, are artists who play genuinely mind-blowing LIVE sets. However, Hieroglyphic Being does both at the SAME damn time. Expect a truly transformative experience, shedding the old you, and making room for a brand new one.

2016 has been a cruel bitch of a year. Our idols are dead, our enemies are in power. Life has become all too serious. We are living in a think piece world of Facebook policemen (and policewomen, damn girl, we ain’t forget you!) So it is our ultimate goal, to iterate and RE-iterate that this party is strictly for fun and is not to be taken seriously.

When: New Years Eve, Babes, 9pm-9am
Where: A loft in Williamsburg
Stay Connected: By Attending on Facebook