Don’t Sleep – Halloween 2017

October 27, 2017 11:00 pm

Somewhere in Greenpoint there is an enormous, sprawling clubhouse, cloaked in mystery and the subject of countless theories and speculations.

You’ve passed it often, and have certainly noticed the vague comings and goings, but until now, nobody’s been certain what it is, or what happens within it’s walls. Long winding hallways that seem to defy the exterior architecture. Grandiose reception rooms, and even more grandiose ceremonial rooms contain altars adorned with age old relics.

On Halloween weekend, for reasons unknown, the keepers of this space have agreed to allow hundreds of inebriated people in disguise to enter. There is only one rule, and they take it very seriously, don’t you dare sleep.

RINSED & some very special guests will be curating 3 rooms of music, performance art, interactive installations, ambient chill-out spaces, and private nooks and crannies. We’ll be enhancing the intrinsically demented landscape of the compound while preserving the traditional aesthetic that must be seen to be believed.

The group has asked that their members have access to our party-goers to recruit and educate a new generation about their practices. We’ve provided them with a stable of brilliant performance and visual artists to translate their time-honored traditions into a modern form.

Some incredibly exciting secret guests have agreed to play special, extended sets. As the date approaches details will be revealed but for now, you’ll just have to have faith. Dark house, brooding techno and dirty disco will fill the air and as the sun rises and the party is still going strong you’ll be glad you didn’t sleep.

When: Friday, October 27
Where: Secret Location, TBA, Greenpoint Brooklyn
How: Presales on Restless Nites
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