Elements Lakewood

May 25, 2018 8:00 pm - May 28, 2018 12:01 am

We’re just about fully recovered from the mindblower that was Under The Influencer. Thank you to everyone who made it out over the past 2 weeks. We know it’s a bit of a stretch from what you’re used to, so it means more to us than you could ever know. Thank you for rolling the dice with us.

On to the next chapter, the spring is coming…

In the massive supercity that is New York, sometimes it’s tough to feel connected to the most basic of elements, even when we use them every day. Fire for lighting your sherm sticks, water for cleansing away the soot from a crumbling warehouse, earth for growing your psychedelic cacti, and wind for… blowing?


Our incredibly talented, and completely berserk friends over at Bang On! understand elements with a remarkable aptitude. They’ve managed to persuade them into an orgy, and all of them agreed without hesitation. This May, they’re inviting us in on the action…

From Elements:

“Set in the majestic hills of Pennsylvania, Elements Lakewood will take over a massive summer camp property with lake, hidden forests, green fields, cabins, activities galore, 3-days & nights of music & art programming and so much more. Join us:


Living for unique music experiences, we have done our research and heard your requests. We’re bringing back crowd favorites as well as a whole new crop of diverse talent. We’re adding more live music, another stage in the deep woods, ambient music areas, and a new boat stage!


We love to build experiences that need to be, well, experienced. There’s an illuminating moment when you join in the spectacle and change from onlooker to participant – that’s what our creative department lives for. Run through a hallway of infinity mirrors, lose track of time and explore the enchanted forest, climb on a giant sculpture, nap beneath domes, venture into the Lakewood Sanitorium; we’re creating worlds within worlds for you to discover. This is an adventure.

2018 will see more art cars, large sculptures, areas for relaxation, secret paths and shortcuts to explore, new art and music areas deep in the woods, and fire pits to gather and build community around. Channel your imagination at tea ceremonies and lounges, take part in camp games, and immerse yourself in visual stimuli.


Our healers have three full days of Health and Wellness programming planned including Aromatherapy, BassYoga, Cuddle & Consent CozyClass, Ecstatic Dance, Improv Comedy Workshops, Sunset Yoga Flow & Hip-Hop Yoga, Sound Baths, and we’re adding more as we type this. Want to get involved? Hit us up!


You heard that this is an actual summer camp, right? Roller skate. Play volleyball, soccer, basketball. Complete a ropes course, fly down the zip line. Canoe, swim, hot tub. Rock climb. Play human foosball. Sing songs. Fall in love. Ask your crush to dance. Make it up as you go along.”