RINSED: ’17 Reunion Tour

Posted by Dan Wender on July 26, 2017

The summer of RINSED is just beginning, and we are doing a bit of traveling. Tell your family and friends abroad to watch out for us, and drop us a line if our travels intersect. If you’re posted up in NYC, we’ll be making our triumphant return on August 26th with the season closer of […]

The Coke Yacht Problem has reached it’s peak…

Posted by Dan Wender on May 30, 2017

RINSED is bummed to report that the Coke Yacht Pandemic has reached a startling new high… Via BBC News: But FRET not… This Saturday night we fight Coke Yacht. Together we will prove to the world that you don’t need a brick of chach to have an AMAZING time on a yacht. Tickets:

Preorder the new Lust Fund EP on The Umbrella

Posted by Dan Wender on February 15, 2017

Introducing, Lust Fund… Williamsburg. A landscape in constant transition. What was once a derelict wasteland shared by starving artists and the Hasidim, is now a luxury playground for the inherently rich. In a land of limitless trust funds, where everyone’s a dj and nobody pays their rent, two men stand alone, dripping not in gold, […]